The more you donate, the luckier you'll get.

What is the purpose of this site?
The purpose of this site is that anyone who will donate any money will feel more lucky because he donated for luck. It's all in your mind and what you want to believe. Studies have proven that if you believe that you will be lucky, you are actually  luck-ier.

Is this site a webshop?
Yes & No, this is not a webshop. We don't sell any products whatsoever. This site is based on the principal of "donations". Yes, it is, you offer something in value and wish to get something in return.

Why would i donate any money?
If you donate some money, you will have the intention to get happy and lucky. Because you donate, you are expecting happiness and thus feel more lucky. With this principal you will actually see more chances to "grab" luck. If you decide not to donate, you are less likely to experience such good feeling and thus get less luck.

Is it save to make a donation?
Yes, we use paypal to handle your donations.
This is a 100% safe third party transaction governed by Paypal. visit the website: www.paypal.com

Can i get a refund if i don't get any luck?
No, we do not refund. It is entirely up to you how much you donate. It is up to the donator him/herself to feel more lucky and see the extra chances/opportunities that brings. Email us if you have any problem. (ThreeKind@mail.com)

Why don't I feel luckier after donation, and nothing lucky has happen?
We do not guarantee when or what will happen to you after a donation, the rule of thumb is
the more and frequent you donate, if nothing happen after the donation, you just have to have faith, it will hit you someday, remember, the more you donate, the stronger the belief.

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